Try Some Today!

Try Some Today!

Welcome to Greyvine and thank you for visiting! We offer high quality dress socks that are soft, breathable, AND affordable.

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Fill your shoes

Seriously, wear socks. 
Nobody wants to see your ankles.
Unless you're into that..?

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Fund Entrepreneurs!

Fund Entrepreneurs!

Donate money to help startups by young entrepreneurs. Help a teenager or young adult live their dream one idea at a time. Kick financial roadblocks to the curb! All donations go towards entrepreneurs that you help pick!

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  • High quality customer service

    We will do our best to respond to any questions, inquiries, or in rare occasions, complaints as quickly as we can. We're friendly, contact us by clicking the "contact us" tab on the top of your screen!


How fast will my order be prepared?

We will try our best to have your order fulfilled within the following hours and sent to the post office within 24 to 48 hours! (With the exception of holidays)

How can your prices be so much lower than the larger and more structured competitors?

It's simple really. Other competitors have HUGE margins. They can charge more than $10 over what they paid per sock. Greyvine socks retain the same, or better quality than many competitors. Our main goal is brand awareness, not highway robbery.

Who runs this joint!? How can I trust a small company like Greyvine?

My name is David, owner of Greyvine! Nice to meet you! I know how frustrating it is to deal with money hungry companies, so I'm not going to be like them! I will personally deal with any questions or concerns that come to my attention. I strive for this to be a place where you can shop online with peace of mind.